To revolutionize and change the shooting form, concepts and ideas currently used by basketball players throughout the United States and beyond.



Shooting a basketball is the most important fundamental skill a player can possess, yet it is easily the least understood aspect in all of basketball (and perhaps all of sports).

Basketball coaches are taught by their coaches who are taught by their coaches. Basketball information is generally passed down by coaches from generation to generation. In other words, we are currently being taught to shoot like players from the 1950’s. The game of basketball has changed greatly during the past five decades and this outdated shooting form no longer works in today’s game.

The best shooters in the world DO NOT use the techniques that are currently taught by most coaches in the United States. These outdated techniques include: squaring the feet, knees fully bent, and getting shoulder width. When you watch the best NBA, WNBA and Collegiate players, they DO NOT employ the concepts that your grandfather used. Instead, they shoot quick and narrow.



The Pro Shot Shooting System is an advanced shooting program based on biomechanics and focusing.  The System is currently being employed by thousands of professional, collegiate and high school players and hundreds of AAU, high school and collegiate teams.

The PS System is the most complete shooting program on the market.  We 100% GUARANTEE any player or team that uses the PS System on a daily basis will become more accurate (we believe as much as 10-20% better shooters in only a month ), quicker and comfortable shooter(s).

At Pro Shot, we truly believe 90% of what is taught in regards to shooting is outdated and obsolete.  Using shooting concepts based from the 1940’s and 50’s will develop a player into becoming a slow and overly mechanical shooter. Simply put, if a player uses these outdated techniques, he/she will always fail.

The Pro Shot Shooting System works because it is simple to comprehend and it makes sense.  We focus on six areas of the body to produce accurate, rhythmic and quick shooters. Our belief is that a shot is missed due to: Lack of Focus, Lack of Extension or Too Much Tension.  We teach each player to understand the reason he/she is missing and then how to correct their shooting errors.

There is not a shooting system in the world that will improve a player’s mental and physical shooting skills as quickly as the PRO SHOT SHOOTING SYSTEM. You will see results in a matter of minutes.

Pro Shot is America’s leader in shooting and skills training with having conducted 500+ camps in 45 States in 2012. “The Shooting Road Show” offers the finest shooting camps, clinics and training throughout the nation.



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