Mike Wozniak

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”The Pro Shot Shooting System simplifies many of the nuances of technique. Especially concepts of shooting straight and becoming a better directional shooter. All players who focus on the teachings of the finger & turn will improve their direction. Pro Shot shows you through video the techniques of the world’s best players. With physical differences obvious, Pro Shot enables any level of player to emulate the mechanics of great shooters. Great shooters have commonalities, Pro Shot teaches you these skills. The Pro Shot system will make you think, analyze and test some of the long time shooting methods. If you have an open mind, you will grasp some of these concepts. I was a 90% FT shooter in HS & college and they got me thinking about how I can self-diagnose my misses and find a great rhythm.”

Mike Wozniak
3 Ball Academy Founder & Director
ESPN Announcer
San Louis Obispo, CA


September 10, 2014