Kerry Foderingham

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“Pro Shot has been absolutely revolutionary within our program here at SHS. I have seen growth in EVERY player within the program, from the kids that had a good shots, to the kids the were very low level shooters. Like most of you I was a bit skeptical about some of the techniques at 1st (simply because it was different) but when I saw video and started practicing and teaching the techniques I instantly became a believer.  I previously taught techniques that were taught to me as a player (Elbow in, square the feet, don’t dip the ball, etc.) combined with things that I learned over my playing career, and after seeing video after video of great players not doing any of these techniques I realized I was wrong, and it was time to open my mind to change.”

Kerry Foderingham
Girls Varsity Coach
Somerville High School
Somerville NJ


September 13, 2014