Craig Campbell

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“We have always had good shooting teams because we spend a lot of time on shooting and shooting mechanics. I kept getting emails from Pro Shot and 4 years ago decided to bring them in and see what the hype was about. We were teaching what most shooting instructors were teaching but Pro Shot was unconventional in their approach. As I found myself studying and trying to pick apart the teachings, I found that the fundamentals taught in the Pro Shot system are consistent with those of the greatest shooters, male and female, in the world. I quickly realized that the Pro Shot system simply “made sense.” Every one of our 11 returning players tried it for a 3 hour session. At the end of the 3 hours each of them said they felt 1) more accurate, 2) more relaxed, and 3) quicker. Since adopting the Pro Shot system, it has taken our shooting to another level. My poor shooters are now solid and my good shooters are now great. I also find it interesting that people that teach 10 toes to the rim try to shoot down the Pro Shot teachings, but they can’t make a case for why they teach what they teach. Selfishly, I love that so many coaches fight change. It’s a huge advantage for our program!”

Craig Campbell
Clovis West Girls Basketball
Cen Cal Chaos Basketball Club
Fresno, CA

September 14, 2014