Rob Beucler

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 “I learned about the Pro Shot Shooting System about 5 years ago and then introduced the system to my players and coaches.  Over the last few years our players have been instructed by Pro Shot and they have shown remarkable improvement.  The players that bought into the system improved and one led the team in 3 point shooting percentage and tied the school record for 3 point percentage in a season by shooting 45.3 % for the year.  It is a system that works.  If you study the great shooters they have the same traits in their shots as what Pro Shot teaches.  The variance of the degree of each trait varies for the individual player but the parts are all there.  The players that believe in the system learn to correct their shots with a little instructional intervention.”

Rob Beucler
Varsity Boy’s Basketball
Eastern High School –
Southern Ohio

September 13, 2014