PAUL HOOVER & PRO SHOT Pro Shot's former spokesman Paul Hoover was dismissed from his role with Pro Shot in 2015.

Paul Hoover & Pro Shot

In an effort to clarify the situation regarding Paul Hoover for the many concerned Pro Shot supporters, followers and friends, we would like to make the following announcement:


In October 2015, Pro Shot System was erroneously referenced in a legal situation involving 23-year-old Nicholas Bennett and a 13-year-old young male who had attended a Pro Shot clinic earlier that month. Reports indicated that Mr. Bennett was a “traveling coach” for Pro Shot. However, Mr. Bennett had no such involvement with Pro Shot and was never approved to travel or attend any Pro Shot function with Paul Hoover or any Pro Shot trainer.


Upon further investigation by Pro Shot’s owner, Matt Williamson, it was discovered that Mr. Bennett, as well as other unapproved personnel had been secretly traveling with Mr. Hoover during his trips. Mr. Hoover tried to hide these facts as well as other information. An indefinite suspension was immediately placed on Paul Hoover and the investigation was continued.


In the days and weeks to follow Mr. Hoover’s suspension, additional details and accusations were discovered that left Pro Shot owner, Matt Williamson, with no other options. In December of 2015 Paul Hoover was terminated from any further involvement with Pro Shot.


We greatly respect the impact that Paul Hoover has had on the basketball world in the area of shooting and wish to continue to spread the concepts that we, as a staff, have put together. Pro Shot wishes to extend our deepest apologies for this situation. Moving forward, Pro Shot has taken steps to do everything necessary to assure that our events are a safe learning enriched environment for those involved in our programs – students, volunteers, coaches and parents.


All of our instructors submit quarterly to an extensive background check and are USA required to carry a USA Basketball Coaching License. We feel this will achieve our goal in creating an inclusive basketball community of credible, qualified and dedicated coaches and administrators who serve in the youth & adult basketball community. We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to help develop athletes both young and old!




Matt Williamson & The Pro Shot Staff