Cancellation Policies

Pro Shot is a professional business and we will always act professionally on and off the court.

We DO NOT expect the host program to cancel a clinic or camp unless there is an emergency with the gym (flooded etc) or unsafe weather.  We would hope to reschedule these camp/clinics as quickly as possibly.

We DO NOT accept canceling because of low numbers. A coach canceling a camp/clinic less than one-month prior is NOT acceptable.  When a coach/director cancels in this manner, he/she does not give Pro Shot ample time to book a replacement camp/clinic leaving us unable to work on that date.

Pro Shot would never tell a coach that we will “force” you so you couldn’t work for 1-2 days (of course this would be unpaid as well) and we expect the same courtesy by each coach and director. When this occurs on a “road trip” not only are we unable to work, but we now are losing monies because we have to pay for lodging.

When a coach/director books a camp, Pro Shot expects 30 plus in numbers (unless prearranged prior) and we expect that coach to promote the camp to the best of his or her ability. Once again, we are professionals and we expect all host coaches to act in the same manner.  If the coach does not believe he/she can get 30 paid participants, then he/she should not book the camp.

Please note, these numbers can come from outside groups, schools and teams etc.  An example of this is if a high school boys program only believes they can get 20 of their players there, then that coach should open it up to the middle school or the girls program.

If this is a fundraiser for your program, coaches and directors need to get ALL the players and parents involved and STRONGLY encourage all players to attend and bring 1-2 players from their school, family, church etc.  We don’t understand how this can be a successful fundraiser if the coach leaves it up to the player to attend. Players WILL NOT attend an optional camp unless the coach says, “You need to come to this! This is quality.”   Also, if a host coach cannot get their players to attend, how can he/she expect players outside their teams to attend as well.

We expect all coaches to look at dates that work and is best for overall numbers.  We do not want to hear that an AAU program books a date and then calls days before claiming that they did not know the best AAU tournament on the East Coast is a mile away.  This is hard for us to fully understand how a coach can be so “out of the loop” in regards to what is happening in their own back yard.

Lastly, we expect all of your coaches in your program to encourage their players to attend the camp/clinic.  If you have coaches who does not “back your program” and will not tell his/her players regarding the camps (including passing out flyers), we do not what to be associated with such a program.  We also expect that no other activities will be scheduled during those camp dates.  If half of your teams are in a tournament that weekend, we will fail in numbers.  A coach must find the dates where all players/teams are available for the camp.