Camp/Clinic Provisions

What the Program/Host Will Provide:

  1. Secure gymnasium location, dates and the times. Please note that we need 1 basket for every 12 campers. If you wish to hold a camp with 80 campers you will need at least 7-8 baskets.
  2. Distribute flyers and market in immediate area. Pro Shot will make up a camp flyer with your location, times and specific information that include your logo for your school or organization to distribute. How you distribute this material is up to your discretion
  3. Open and close gym on camp dates
  4. Provide basketballs and cones if needed.
  5. Provide two tables (one for signing people in, other for computer setup)
  6. Help sign in campers on camp date.
  7. Assistance in finding a hotel/motel near the camp facility as well as eating establishments.


What Pro Shot Will Provide:

  1. Liability insurance for $1,000,000 (if needed). Please let Pro Shot know who the insurance should be made out to.
  2. Create a Pro Shot flyer with dates, times, locations, costs, and specific grades. Upon completion of the flyer and or brochure, we will e-mail it to your coach or program rep to distribute.
  3. Email coach any other promotional materials that may be needed.
  4. A trainer that fully understands the theories and techniques behind the Pro Shot System.
  5. Send out Emails to coaches within your state announcing the camp.

Cancellation Policies:

Pro Shot is available 12 months a year, but please understand that we are always a first come, first serve basis when booking camps. The busiest times of the year are the summer months, late fall and and winter breaks. We often book these camps months in advance.

We expect all of our camps to reach 30 in number.  If you do not believe we will come close to this number, please contact Pro short and we will try to help increase the numbers.

The Pro Shot staff expects to have constant communication with the host director/coach once the camp is booked. This includes changing times and locations if needed. Pro Shot needs to have notice for a camp cancellation of 14-21 days in advance. We expect when we verbally agree to host a camp, that camp will take place. We understand that some obstacles may appear, but we anticipate to always work though these temporary barriers. The Pro Shot staff expects to do everything in our power to put on the best camps in the United States. We also expect each host program to put forth the same effort.

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