Scoring Camp Info

From the six year old that just picked up a basketball for the first time to Kobe Bryant, every player that puts on a pair of basketball shoes wants to become a better scorer. No player is happy with the status of his or her scoring. Each player wants more. Lets give each player what they want!

Similar to the Secrets of the Pros Scoring Camp, great players have knowledge that most don’t share. Pro Shot Director, Paul Hoover, has compiled these “secrets” throughout the past 20 years. He has spoken with hundreds of collegiate and professional players and coaches to comprise Secrets of the Pros Scoring Camp.

These offensive secrets are guaranteed to improve each player’s scoring abilities and take that individual to the next level. These scoring concepts are used by professional players night after night but are not taught at the youth and high school levels.

• Reading the Defender • Jab Step
• Attacking the Defender • Leaner
• Finishing Moves • Shot-Fake
• Moving Without the Ball • Runner
• Demanding the Ball
• Getting Open
• Can’t Stop Me Attitude


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