The Pro Shot Shooting System is a shooting program based on biomechanics and mental focus. The System will give players and teams immediate access to the techniques used consistently by the world’s top shooters, dramatically improving accuracy and range in a matter of hours. At PRO SHOT, SEEING IS TRULY BELIEVING!!!

The Best NBA “BIG 3” of All-Time

We discuss who is the greatest trio of players (the big three) on any team in NBA history. We pick the same era but different teams.

75% of Coaches are Wrong

Recently a recruiting service conducted a second shooting survey for Pro Shot with high school and college coaches. We will talk more about this survey later next week. What we want to discuss today is...

Shooting Balance: Upper Body (Part 2)

In the 2nd part of the off hand series (upper body balance) we focus on the thumb flick, the off elbow and tension.

How Dominant is USA Basketball?

In another episode of Herb and Hoov an Hoops we discuss the dominance of USA basketball and FIBA.


Recently we completed a video called “Mental Part of Shooting: Overthinking and Underthinking” Many players fail in the art of shooting simply because they overthink while others underthink.   We are often told by coaches,...

Dirk Nowitzki Gets No Respect

We focus on why Dirk Nowitzki gets little love from the media, fans and marketing companies despite being one of the greatest scorers in NBA history.

3X Olympic Gold Medalist: Katie Smith–Part 2

In Part II of our Katie Smith interview we discuss her storied NBA career and her Olympic memories. We also talk about WNBA greats including Diana Taurasi, Lisa Leslie and Cynthia Cooper.

Useless Dribbling Drills

Daily we see dribbling drills on You Tube and throughout gyms across America that just are useless. We decided to put together useless dribbling drills that you probably won’t use in a game.