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Score More Points, Win More Games

Is it working? Are your players shooting well this season? I’m not talking about a lone individual. I’m talking about your entire basketball program. At the end of the year every coach should sit down...

The Hating of Kobe Bryant

Herb and Hoov on Hoops looks at how hated Kobe Bryant is and we also discuss his work-ethic.

Shooters of the Month (January): Klay Thompson and More

A new feature at Pro Shot, we focus every month on players that are shooting very well. This month we focus on Klay Thompson, Jojo Ballestero (College), and Christian Haffner (High school).

Blake Griffin, J.R. Smith and MKG Update

We focus on three NBA players who have struggled with shooting during the past year: Blake Griffin, Michael Kidd Gilchrist and JR Smith. We see if their mechanics and percentages have improved.


From the first time we pick up a basketball we are told by our coaches to have balance when we shoot. As coaches, we have all uttered, “Be balanced when shooting.”   The question is:...