The Pro Shot Shooting System is a shooting program based on biomechanics and mental focus. The System will give players and teams immediate access to the techniques used consistently by the world’s top shooters, dramatically improving accuracy and range in a matter of hours. At PRO SHOT, SEEING IS TRULY BELIEVING!!!


The Layup: Switching Hands

We think outside of the box and ask: “What hand should you go up with when you go in for a layup?” The answer might surprise.


Simple Basketball Shooting

We focus on the simplicity of shooting and how many players actually destroy their shot simply because they over-think and make it way more complicated than it really is.


Shot Selection and Shooting

There are three main reasons why players miss shots in games. Immediately we think of poor mechanics and we would estimate that 80% of all missed shots at the high school and middle school levels...


Coaching and Change

Today, we complete our series: March Mania.  Some said it couldn’t be done.  Thirty one articles in thirty one days.  Today, I want to talk about my favorite word in the English dictionary. Change.  The...


Basketball Myths – Part I

If you haven’t seen our YouTube video series Shooting’s 10 Deadliest Lies we HIGHLY recommend it! We want to step away from shooting for a second though and look at a more broad picture of...


Too Much Pride and Coaching

In the past few weeks we have discussed fix minded coaches (also known as close minded) to open minded coaches. Today we want to focus on a serious problem that we see in the coaching...

Jim Boeheim

A Dose of Their Own Medicine

Anyone watching the WVU vs. UK game saw a theory that I have when it comes to game planning. A team’ s biggest weakness is often identified by their style of play. Anyone who has...


Why Do We Play So Many Games?

So we have all heard of the term, “Keeping up with the Joneses.” In other words, we have to do something because “they” are doing something. We call it the march of the lemmings. A...


The Coach That Dreams and is Real

At Pro Shot, we believe all teams have the opportunity for a winning season. All teams can be successful. Often times we talk to high school coaches in the summer who remark, “We won’t be...


“Defense Wins Championships”?

Defense Wins Championships” We’ve heard it a thousand times. From a coach. From a parent. From the announcers on TV. Even from professional players. It’s stamped on our brain like a song that you just...


A Sickness Plaguing Today’s Coaches

You’ve heard us mention the FOG before. It’s something we mention regularly because it plagues so many coaches these days. But why does it exist? What is its purpose? Why are so many coaches affected...

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Do You Allow Your Players to Dip?

If you follow the Pro Shot System you probably know that we are fans of the “dip.” This is when you dip the ball between the waist to the thigh when catching off of a...


Coaching Yearly Checklist

We want to share a list of things we believe are important for coaches to do on a yearly basis. Here are some things that we believe coaches will find useful. 1. Read A Book...


Player’s Skill Development

We believe great coaches focus on three different basketball elements in practice. Recently we took a look on scheming (plays and sets) and motivating players. Today we want to focus on the least practiced and...


Motivating Players

Dear Shooting Enthusiasts, Three keys to being a successful coach on the court is scheming (having plays and sets that can work), motivation and skill development. Recently we focused on scheming and today we want...


The Spin Move

In a new series, we focus on specific basketball moves. Today we look at one of our favorite moves–THE SPIN MOVE!