The Pro Shot Shooting System is a shooting program based on biomechanics and mental focus. The System will give players and teams immediate access to the techniques used consistently by the world’s top shooters, dramatically improving accuracy and range in a matter of hours. At PRO SHOT, SEEING IS TRULY BELIEVING!!!

How to Fix Your Shooting Problems

We take a look at a way to fully understand how you are missing in shooting a basketball. Simple method that is effective.  

Keeping an Open Mind for Coaches

   Throughout the past few years, Pro Shot has sent out newsletters discussing the importance of always improving an individual’s coaching and teaching skills. We firmly believe that quality coaching is an art form and...

Good Shooting Form
vs Bad Shooting Form

If you have followed the Pro Shot System you know that we believe in certain techniques of shooting which include: Shooting alignment (the turn), rhythm in a shot (the dip), the shoulders (sweep and sway)...

Basketball Coaching and Denial

  Denial. It’s not just a river in Egypt. It can be a deadly affliction that can get players cut from a team and can ultimately get a coach fired. Recently Pro Shot did their...

2 Foot Basketball Layup

We look at the “other layup”–The 2 foot layup. Pro Shot believes all players that want to be great should have this in their arsenal.

Anxiety and Shooting

Recently we discussed that shooting accuracy is really built around three separate aspects: shooting mechanics, shot selection and being void of anxiety issues.  Of course we have talked about shooting mechanics in hundreds of videos...