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Should Females Shoot Differently Than Males?

We don’t believe there should be a big difference between how male and female players shoot. In this video we focus on the 2014 USA Womens World Cup Team to give some answers.

Favorite Basketball Movies

We focus on our favorite basketball movies and show our favorite scenes. Fun to watch.

Do Your Players Shoot With Tension?

Today we would like to focus on one of the most important shooting components and yet, very few trainers and coaches ever talk about this in regards to accurate shooting. We are talking about the...

How to Shoot a Basketball Straight

We get on the court and show why some players miss to the side and others shoot consistently straight. VERY IMPORTANT to watch and understand!!!

Shooting Tension and the Shoulders

We focus on how tension in the shoulders and neck will destroy a shooter and lead to constantly losing power on a shot. If you can’t shoot from three, you need to watch this.

NBA’s All-Time Underrated Players

In another episode of Herb and Hoov on Hoops, we focus on who we believe are the most underrated NBA players of all time.

Why Doesn’t Johnny Practice Shooting?

Filmed at Rucker Park in NY, we ask why today’s players don’t practice their shooting as much players from the past.