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"Pro Shot is the best I have seen on shooting in years. I always believed Dick Baumgartner had done more research on shooting than anyone I had encountered...until Pro Shot. Unlike any teacher of shooting I have met, Paul and Pro Shot validates the teaching through video of great shooters of the past and today. Some of Pro Shot's teaching is ground-breaking, even controversial, but the film doesn't lie!”

Pat Sullivan
Retired Coach
University of St Francis
Basketball Hall of Fame

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”We are excited, as we have had the chance to work with the Pro Shot System. I like so much the visual part…that our kids could see the pro level on video; what they need to work on.”

Bob Hurley
Coach of St. Anthony’s
Winner of 27 New Jersey State championships
Basketball Hall of Fame


"After years of watching young kids not make any progress with their jump shot I searched for different teaching methods. That's when I came across the Pro Shot Shooting System. The Pro Shot System makes sense from the bio-mechanics side, it's comfortable (my players noticed this immediately) and it's a quicker shot. But most important it is a self-correcting method and you will see improvement!”

Paul Culpo
Head Basketball Coach
Castleton State College
(#2 Scoring Team 2014 NCAA Division III)


“Pro Shot's method of shooting is cutting edge. We had Pro shot in here this summer and we are going to have them back this fall. We had students of all ages including many of my players and I saw a hands-on approach that was the best I have seen. Pro Shot was here for four hours and everyone in the house left feeling like they had profited from the presentation. The FOREST method of shooting is the best that I have seen.”

Gene Bess
Three Rivers Community College Head Coach
All-Time Winningest Coach in College Basketball History


“Shooting the basketball has evolved, teaching it hasn't. The Pro Shot Shooting System takes players through the key components of how and what the greatest shooters in the game are doing validated with video. As a skill development trainer I found that the system is easy to teach and quickly resonates with all players."

Mike Glennon
Basketball Trainer
Chicago, IL


"I coach in a situation where we don’t have great athletes, so we needed to do something that would give us every possible advantage to be able to compete with teams who are taller and more athletic. Since we started the Pro Shot system 3 years ago, our FG% has gone from 31%-36%, and we have won almost 2/3 of our games, including twice upsetting the #3 ranked team in the state. If it’s good enough for the pros, it makes sense that it is what we should be teaching our kids as well.”

Al Addleman
Girls Varsity Basketball Coach
Sabino High School
Tucson, AZ


Pro Shot has analyzed 10,000+ video clips of professional and college players (men and women) shooting and broke down the common components all great shooters have in their shot.  Their study encompassed almost every NBA player.  It is the only shooting system I am aware of based on actual massive video analysis not a limited life experience or opinion.  When Pro Shot makes a statement on shooting and you ask them ‘How do you know that?’ They respond with extensive video supportable evidence (hundreds of player videos).  It is the best shooting system available in my opinion!”

Craig Impleman
Former UCLA and Weber State Assistant Coach
Director of the John Wooden Course


“In our 2nd year using Pro Shot we broke the school record for made 3's in a season. The system has provided us a foundation to improve our players’ shots as well as visual evidence from the best players in the world to back up what we are teaching.”

Chad Seibert
Varsity Boys Coach
Turner Ashby High School
Bridgewater, VA



“The Pro Shot System has allowed us to attack shooting with a systematic approach that allows our players to build a better jump shot daily.  Our players have seen tremendous improvement in their field goal percentage."

Caleb Nieman
Co-Head Women’s Coach
Kentucky Wesleyan University


“We had the privilege of hosting the Pro Shot Shooting System clinic at our school this past summer (June 2014).  We were able to see much improvement in our players' shooting skills in only one session.  We are incorporating the Pro Shot Shooting System into our program immediately and feel it is the soundest shooting system we have seen.  There is no aspect on shooting that is not covered. Clearly, Pro Shot has done a tremendous amount of study that supports this shooting system.”

Pat Rady
Second All-Time Winningest Coach in Indiana History
Cloverdale High School
Cloverdale, Indiana

Mike Jarvis

“In a matter of minutes I saw great shooting improvement. The Pro Shot System is an effective program that will get your players shooting a higher percentage.”

Mike Jarvis
Former Head Coach
Florida Atlantic University
St. John's University
Boston University


“We are very excited about our players becoming better shooters and working with the Pro Shot System.”

Rick Pitino
University of Louisville
Basketball Hall of Fame


” I am sold on Pro Shot's system.  When I got in the gym and really used it, I quickly saw the benefits of their techniques.  When you watch the best shooters in the game, it's amazing how much they model the Pro Shot techniques. While we are in the beginning stages of implementing this system, we are excited for significant improvements.  Pro Shot is tremendous at teaching it to you and then the challenge is for you to truly buy-in and continue to teach it to your players!”

Charli Turner Thorne
ASU Head Coach
#4 all-time in Pac 12 wins

”I have been teaching others how to improve their shooting for almost fifty years, and I am now convinced that the Pro Shot Shooting System contains the most accurate information available today. Thank you Pro Shot for pinpointing what good shooting technique looks like.”

Chic Hess
Former College Head Coach
BYU & Hawaii


”Pro Shot has changed the way I Coach my high school team and the way I do player development. Pro Shot System is easy to for players to understand and you can see improvement in a matter of just 1 or 2 sessions. We use Pro Shot Shooting System daily in our practices and summer workouts. Pro Shot backs up what they teach by using
video as a tool of instruction and showing what the best shooters in the NCAA, WNBA and NBA. Seeing is believing for
most people and Pro Shot has made me a believer!”

Rocky Horton
Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Star Mount High School
Boonville, NC


“Pro Shot provides a complete, detailed, and progressive system of shooting instruction that in my years in the game is without a doubt the BEST. They provide coaches, players, and parents with everything they need to know about improving shooting ability. I love watching the videos about the different components of becoming a great shooter.”

Doc Scheppler
Varsity Girls Coach
Pinewood High School
Los Altos, CA
6-time California State Champions

"The Pro Shot System has given us a direction of how to teach shooting and incorporate it into our basketball program. The Pro Shot gives us sequential order of fundamental steps to shoot correctly. Which has helped our players to become more focused on technique, rather than just shooting the basketball. With the Pro Shot System, our program has improved our player's form and has increased shooting accuracy."

Jeff Boos
Head Basketball Coach
Sun Prairie High School
Sun Prairie, WI

“Pro Shot has a system that teaches players to become great shooters. They have done the research and validate it with visual proof. This is not a system that takes months or years. You can see improvement immediately. I have personally witnessed it. The Pro Shot System works for any player on any level who is serious about becoming a great shooter.

Dwight Young
Asst. Men’s Coach University of the Pacific

”When I first encountered Pro Shot by watching one of their videos, I literally felt like a fog was lifted. So much of what I had always thought, but never vocalized, about shooting was explained thoroughly by Pro Shot. Busting through the myths of age old and outdated fundamentals has inspired me to spread the gospel of Pro Shot as far and wide as possible. The Hop, Turn, Dip, and Sweep and Sway should all be taught as basic fundamentals at every level of basketball.”

Nick Hauselman
Basketball Analyst
Producer of Bball Breakdown Youtube Channel

”The Pro Shot Shooting System simplifies many of the nuances of technique. Especially concepts of shooting straight and becoming a better directional shooter. All players who focus on the teachings of the finger & turn will improve their direction. Pro Shot shows you through video the techniques of the world's best players. With physical differences obvious, Pro Shot enables any level of player to emulate the mechanics of great shooters. Great shooters have commonalities, Pro Shot teaches you these skills. The Pro Shot system will make you think, analyze and test some of the long time shooting methods. If you have an open mind, you will grasp some of these concepts. I was a 90% FT shooter in HS & college and they got me thinking about how I can self-diagnose my misses and find a great rhythm.”

Mike Wozniak
3 Ball Academy Founder & Director
ESPN Announcer
San Louis Obispo, CA


”The Pro Shot Shooting System is contrarian in thought and brilliant in execution. It strikes at the very core of the rigid shooting pedagogy us coaches have been applying to our players since the beginning of the game of basketball. The Pro Shot Shooting System tested my beliefs as a coach and allowed me to evolve my way of thinking when it comes to shooting the basketball. I am thankful for the Pro Shot System because it has allowed me to become a better coach and teacher for my players.”

Ken Dagostino
Head Men's Basketball Coach
Ave Maria University


"What I like about the Pro Shot System is that it is broken down into simple parts for players to understand, perform, and self-evaluate as they practice. The F-O-R-E-S-T is great tool to remind players what they need to be doing when missing during practice or shooting on their own. It is a system, when in place, that will have all your players shooting the same way, will help players and coaches critique and improve their on a daily basis."

Ted Willman
Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Calvert High School
Tiffin, OH


"Pro Shot and I are on the same race the astronauts had getting to the Moon when it comes to shooting a basketball.  But we have discovered that we are really Indiana Jones and have found most of our answers are in the past.  I am the historian and Pro Shot is the explorer.  The Forest was Pro Shot's major discovery in their endless quest for shooting mastery.  Pro Shot has a PHD in the art of shooting.  They have logged more time in front of film than Siskel and Ebert.  I sit here in awe of Pro Shot's knowledge of shooting!!!"

Herb Welling
Basketball Coach and Historian
Denver, CO


"Brought the nets down this year for the first time in 27 years. Beat Seymour twice ending their 4 year run as champions. Just wanted to thank you all you have done for the program!"

Head Basketball Coach
West Depere High School
Depere, WI

 "I learned about the Pro Shot Shooting System about 5 years ago and then introduced the system to my players and coaches.  Over the last few years our players have been instructed by Pro Shot and they have shown remarkable improvement.  The players that bought into the system improved and one led the team in 3 point shooting percentage and tied the school record for 3 point percentage in a season by shooting 45.3 % for the year.  It is a system that works.  If you study the great shooters they have the same traits in their shots as what Pro Shot teaches.  The variance of the degree of each trait varies for the individual player but the parts are all there.  The players that believe in the system learn to correct their shots with a little instructional intervention."

Rob Beucler
Varsity Boy's Basketball
Eastern High School -
Southern Ohio


"Pro Shot is a great system to teaching players how to shoot because it works!! It is all based on how the great shooters shoot! Check out this Web site and see proof it works!"

Jim Edwards
Coached in high school and college for 48 years
Crete, NE

"We have always had good shooting teams because we spend a lot of time on shooting and shooting mechanics. I kept getting emails from Pro Shot and 4 years ago decided to bring them in and see what the hype was about. We were teaching what most shooting instructors were teaching but Pro Shot was unconventional in their approach. As I found myself studying and trying to pick apart the teachings, I found that the fundamentals taught in the Pro Shot system are consistent with those of the greatest shooters, male and female, in the world. I quickly realized that the Pro Shot system simply “made sense.” Every one of our 11 returning players tried it for a 3 hour session. At the end of the 3 hours each of them said they felt 1) more accurate, 2) more relaxed, and 3) quicker. Since adopting the Pro Shot system, it has taken our shooting to another level. My poor shooters are now solid and my good shooters are now great. I also find it interesting that people that teach 10 toes to the rim try to shoot down the Pro Shot teachings, but they can’t make a case for why they teach what they teach. Selfishly, I love that so many coaches fight change. It’s a huge advantage for our program!"

Craig Campbell
Clovis West Girls Basketball
Cen Cal Chaos Basketball Club
Fresno, CA


"The ProShot System simply works! The methodology and the step by step process allows players to first understand, then modify their approach to each specific variable that corresponds to becoming a fluid, smooth shooter. I want my players to keep getting better, which is why we have adopted the shooting system for EVERY Player that we train. The Pro Shot System is based on years of research and video evidence of what the best shooters in the world all do. I'd be a fool not to give that info to our players or adopt Pro Shot's Shooting System. We are going to see a new generation of great shooters due to Pro Shot's persistence and keen eye for the details. I hope to see Pro Shot being used by every youth organization out there!"

Rich Walton
Basketball Trainer
Fundamental Basketball Experience
New Haven, CT

"Pro Shot has done a great job building a system to teach shooting. Pro Shot is a system that gives coaches a way to get consistent results from their players. It's research based and the videos support the teaching. Improvement can happen immediately."

Dave Schlabaugh
Head Coach
Williamsburg High School (Iowa)
Snow Valley Basketball School

"The PRO SHOT System merits great consideration regarding the fundamentals of shooting the basketball. While many of the ideas come off as "heresy" to an "old school" coach like myself, their research and videos definitely support what they teach. This system clearly breaks down the individual aspects of successful shooting form and reinforces these aspects with video that totally supports them. As so many of us have said to our teams while watching game footage, 'The video doesn't lie!!'. And PRO SHOT doesn't either!!"

Jim Tracy
Boys Head Coach
Reavis High School
Chicago, Illinois
Illinois Basketball Coaches Association - Associate Executive Director

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"After reading Pro Shot's e-book three years ago, I contacted them right away so I could set up hosting one of their clinics. Everything taught through this system is how great shooters shoot and they provide the evidence to prove it. It simplifies shooting instruction and teaches players to correct themselves when they miss. It is the only way I teach our players to shoot."

Kerri Stockwell
Head Womens Coach
Hamline University
St Paul, MN


"Pro Shot is on the cutting edge of shooting techniques for players of all ages and levels. Shooting is a lost art in HS, College and even the Pro's. The reason is coaches are stuck in the dark ages on how to teach kids at a young age on how to shoot. When you instill the basic concepts of "the turn", "the dip", "the sweep and sway" and putting your index finger in the rim- these are the basic building blocks for becoming a great shooter. Repetition and time in the gym will produce amazing results but why practice the "old way" that is truly outdated and impossible to obtain a consistent smooth shooting stroke?  

Matt Roe
Former Great Shooter at Syracuse and Maryland
Former Syracuse Mens Basketball Broadcaster


"Pro Shot has studied, analyzed and explained every single aspect of shooting the basketball. Their programs explain, in very simple language, how any player of any level can and WILL improve their shooting performance."

Dre Baldwin
Basketball Trainer
Youtube sensation

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"There is no other shooting system out there that is as research based and player focused.  The Pro Shot System is the most efficient way to turn players from “Shooters” to “Makers”.  We have used this system for the last three years and have watched our team 3 Point Percentage go from 32%, to 34%, to an incredible 45% this last season (260/580).  We use Pro Shot not because of gimmicks, ads, or gadgets.  We use Pro Shot Shooting system because simply put – It makes sense and it works!"

Jeremy Louden
Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Lutheran High School
Houston, TX

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After doing extensive research for 10 years on the human foot and glutes connection, Pro Shot shooting system is the ONLY system that derives the true form from actual elite basketball players. The Dip, the Turn and the Sweep and Sway are all the traits that you can observe over and over again and YET are largely ignored, or worse attacked by conventional basketball coaches. The short term pain of accepting the truth is much better than the long term pain of believing an illusion.

Chong Xie
Author of Secrets to Athleticism
Leading Researcher for Hyper Arc Athletic Technologies
New York City, NY


"We have been using the Pro Shot system for the last five years and it has been one of the best decisions we have made for our program. We conduct a Pro Shot summer camp each year. Our boys "buy" into the program very quickly and as coaches we teach the system daily. Our shooting has improved and to be honest, if our athletes do not put it into practice, their playing time becomes very limited."

Lloyd Wagnitz
Boys Head Coach (Retired)
Heartland Lutheran High School
Grand Island, Nebraska

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"Pro Shot has been absolutely revolutionary within our program here at SHS. I have seen growth in EVERY player within the program, from the kids that had a good shots, to the kids the were very low level shooters. Like most of you I was a bit skeptical about some of the techniques at 1st (simply because it was different) but when I saw video and started practicing and teaching the techniques I instantly became a believer.  I previously taught techniques that were taught to me as a player (Elbow in, square the feet, don't dip the ball, etc.) combined with things that I learned over my playing career, and after seeing video after video of great players not doing any of these techniques I realized I was wrong, and it was time to open my mind to change."

Kerry Foderingham
Girls Varsity Coach
Somerville High School
Somerville NJ






"Pro Shot Shooting has been a great resource for our program. Pro Shot makes it easy for our players to concentrate on something very simple that corrects multiple issues in a shot. Our players don't over-analyze their shots anymore, they just get a reminder about a single thing and they can self-correct. I would recommend having Pro Shot be a part of any program to help make shooting corrections simple during the season."

Isaiah Cavaco
Head Mens Coach
Oberlin College