The Story of the Pro Shot System

My name is Paul Hoover and I am the Founder of the Pro Shot Shooting System. Rarely do I talk about my past and how I developed this shooting program. Today I want to explain where the Pro Shot Shooting System came from and where it is currently.

My basketball playing career is so limited that you could write my highlights on a thimble. I played football in high school and was editor of the school’s newspaper. I started coaching basketball my senior year in high school (1982) for a local sixth grade recreation team in Orange County, California.

Talk about the blind leading the blind. The first day of practice one of the players approached me and asked, “Can I play point guard?” I had no idea what that meant and so I responded, “You look like you score a lot of points so you can play point guard.”

I had limited knowledge for the game with the exception that I was a diehard Los Angeles Lakers fan (you would have thought I would have known what a point guard was). Looking back I knew nothing, BUT I was willing to learn. I would read books on coaching, talk to coaches and dissected the game by watching the game. I was a complete sponge and I absorbed anything that had to do with basketball.

The greatest trait I had going for me was that I was open minded and willing to learn. I wanted to learn and I really had no perceived notion of how basketball “has to be played.”

Within three years I was coaching at one of the most renowned high schools in the nation for basketball, Mater Dei High school in Santa Ana, CA. Because I was the youngest coach at Mater Dei, one of my duties was to drive some of our players to a nearby shooting coach named Des Flood. When visiting Coach Flood I realized that shooting is a science and that players can improve in shooting in a matter of minutes by changing form and technique.

Over the next three decades I have researched the art of shooting like few have done before. Thousands upon thousands of hours have been devoted to breaking down shooting video and talking to great shooters. These findings are in my 150 page book, “Pro Shooting Secrets.”

My goal was to create a shooting program that is easy to understand and that is biomechanically efficient. A self-correcting program that allows each player to understand their mechanics and then be able to fix their shot and turn misses into makes. After three decades I truly believe I have discovered the fountain of youth for shooting.

Yes, I know–it sounds like a scam. Too good to be true. Right? We have heard coaches comment: “Players are born to be shooters” and “You can’t improve players in shooting.” I’m here to tell you that a player and team can drastically improve in shooting in minutes. Yes minutes. At Pro Shot we see it every day.

Shooting has become my 24/7/365 odyssey. The quest– to find what mental and physical traits that great high school, collegiate and professional shooters have in common. Could these traits actually be the source code for shooting greatness? Is there more to shooting than just reps. Could shooting mechanics really be the key to improving shooting accuracy? We believe so.

The Pro Shot System marketing model is also different than any basketball program on the market. We give out information at no cost. Why? Because we believe it is the only way to get to the masses. We truly want to change the game. It is so hard to watch poor shooters in a game throwing up brick after brick and realizing that Pro Shot can greatly help that player and team. Shooting is not a genetic thing. It is a form thing.

If you go to Pro Shot’s website there is nothing to buy. Everything is free including two eBooks with 200 pages of shooting information, dozens of shooting articles and 250+ instructional videos.

Pro Shot hosts 600 camps a year throughout North America and our website is a way to give back to the game. We wish more basketball trainers would do the same and offer complimentary videos and information to help players, coaches and parents. Phil Jackson once said, “Basketball is sharing” and we agree.

Lastly, if you ever have any questions about shooting, please feel free to email me at You can also call 866-892-NETS and I will call you back. Our goal is to change shooting and we really believe the coaches and the trainers are the true messengers in this game. They are so valuable especially of the information is valuable.

Hope to hear from you.

Thank you,

Paul Hoover                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Pro Shot Founder


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