Letter to Coaches and Directors

Dear Coaches and Program Directors,

As we get closer to the season there are three important questions that you might want to ask yourself.

1) Is shooting important? Not just three point shooting, but the pull up and mid-range and free throws. We believe putting the ball in the basket is pretty darn important.

2) Can players and teams actually improve in shooting? We fully understand that many coaches believe you are “born a shooter” and some actually believe that shooting is a aspect of sports that you can’t improve in. Teams and players, however, can improve in shooting. We see it every day.

3) How well does your program shoot as a whole? You might have one player that can shoot effectively, but I’m talking about your entire program. At Pro Shot we would estimate that 2-3% of players in a program are quality shooters.

Recently I was talking with a boys coach from Oregon and I said, “How many good shooters are in your league?” He responded back “3.” Let’s do the math. There are seven teams in his league and each team averages 12 players which is 84 players. So 3 varsity players out of 84 can effectively shoot.

Last week I was talking with a high school girls coach from Arizona. I also asked her, “How many quality shooters in your league?” She answered, “One.”

Imagine you have a hole in your roof. What would you do? Wait for the roof to cave in? No, you would get it fixed. When you hear your brakes start going, what do you do? Ignore it and then you go through your rotors? You will probably fix it. So let’s fix your shooting woes.

Pro Shot is a shooting program that can help you. We would like to bring the Pro Shot System to your program for an affordable 3-4 hour clinic this fall or winter.

Why Pro Shot? We can give each coach and player and self-correcting shooting program that is simple to understand and effective. Our program is not about random drills. Instead, we break down the System to three different components of: Rhythm, Accuracy and Arc.

Pro Shot uses Power Point and video in each clinic and afterwards we meet with the coaching staff to get them on a path for shooting success. We believe we can get any high school program to shoot 40% from three and 75%+ from the free throw line.

Let’s transform your team to become the best shooting team in your league, county and one of the best in your state. We personally guarantee that you will not find a better and more affordable shooting program and shooting clinic than the Pro Shot Shooting System.

Thank you,

Paul Hoover