Fixing the Problem

The Pro Shot System starts with shooting mechanics. We believe mechanics and reps must work together. Imagine a house without a strong structure. Imagine a human body without a skeleton. That’s what shooting mechanics are. They are the foundation that holds the shot together.


The problem with most poor shooters is that they have no idea how they are missing with mechanics. They basically have little if no awareness.


From the time we first shoot a basket in the driveway we believe a made shot is a good shot and a missed shot is a bad shot. And there lies the problem. How can you fix something if you don’t know what to fix?


There are four ways a player can miss: Short, Long, Left and Right.. Coaches often tell us that Pro Shot is the negative shooting program. That we think negative–misses.


The truth is that you did are reading this eBook to correct your shooting errors. You want to turn your misses into made baskets.


Let’s refocus on shooting awareness. Two years ago we had a Division I collegiate player work with us in our backyard gym. He was a terrible shooter (he was playing at the D-1 level because he was 6′-8″ and played like Rodman) who had no shooting awareness.


He proceeded to miss 14 consecutive shots to the right side. I finally stopped him and asked him, “What direction did you just miss?”


He looked at me with a blank stare. He finally uttered, “I believe they were short.” He did not know the way he was missing and therefore could not fix his shot.


Imagine if you go to a doctor and say, “Doctor, I’m sick.” He will ask you for your symptoms. If you say, “I don’t know” he will probably ask you to leave and come back when you can explain what is wrong with you. Shooting is the same way. You can’t fix a problem if you lack shooting awareness.


A big key to becoming an accurate shooting is PROBLEM SOLVING. It is basically what the Pro Shot System is all about. If you can’t problem solve you will probably never be the shooter that you can be. Chances are you will fail to be a quality shooter without problem solving. The Pro Shot Shooting System is a three step process. It is based around logic and problem solving. The three step process is as follows:
1) Identify the direction that you are missing (short, long, left or right).>br> 2) Now figure out why you are missing in this direction.
3) FIX IT!!!


It is amazing how many players never fix their broken shot. They believe that by taking a few shots here and there the shot will improve.


If you have a leak in your roof what do you do? FIX IT!!! If you hear a screeching sound coming from your car brakes what do you do? FIX IT!!!


So why would a jump shot be any different? It shouldn’t be.