Are Shooters Born or Created?

Are shooters born or are they created over time? Amazingly there is a large percentage of coaches, players and trainers that believe a basketball shooter is born. In other words, they come out of the womb with a follow-through. That great shooters have an extra DNA at birth and that is the reason why they can shoot effectively.

What a load of crapola. I can’t believe people actually think this way in the 21st Century. Recently I was talking to a high school coach that said a player I had trained for ten years “was born a shooter.” Seriously?

You are “born” to do limited things in the world–Sleep, eat and poop/pee. That’s about it. Through proper mechanics and reps you become a quality shooter.

Last year we polled 1,100 high school and college coaches and asked: “Is shooting a talent or a skill? At Pro Shot, we believe talent is a trait you are born with. Skill is something you work hard at. The results were as follows:

HIGH SCHOOL: Talent 81%, Skill 19%
COLLEGE: Talent 39%, Skill 61%

The majority of High School coaches basically believe you are born a shooter. College coaches believe shooting is something you work at every day. They believe shooters are created with time, practice and reps.

So why do so many high school coaches believe in the belief that shooters are actually born? We believe it comes down to the belief that they have never seen a player improve drastically in their program. If you haven’t seen it, why would you believe it?

This past year I was speaking with a former college sharpshooter at a well-known D-1 University who told me, “I have never seen in the past 25 years a player go from a poor shooter to an average shooter or from an average shooter to a good shooter at that University.”

At many high school and collegiate programs, if you enter as a shooter, you will probably leave there as a shooter. If you enter as a bricklayer, you will probably leave as a terrible shooter. Coaches then look upon any great shooter as a athlete with a gift. Many times they believe this gift started at birth. We have seen too many players that have improved greatly at the high school, collegiate and professional levels that were poor or average shooters.

Shooting greatness is really about form and technique along with reps. It is not about being lucky at birth. That just doesn’t make any sense.