When Coaches Make No Sense

So why do so many players struggle with shooting? Why are there so many bricklayers across North America? It’s really simple. Shooting is not being taught.


In February, 2014 a Midwest scouting service asked over 1,000 college and high school coaches a simple question, “Is shooting important?” The answers were a resounding, “Yes” (96% from college and 86% from high school coaches). That is a good thing.


Also asked was, “How many more wins do you think you would get if your team was better shooters?” High School coaches believed they achieve 6-8 more wins (84%) and College Coaches believed they would win 8-10 more wins (87%).


But this is where the lunacy begins. The question was asked, “Do you teach shooting during the season?” Only 8% of High school and 6% of college coaches said, “Yes.”


Another question was, “Do you feel knowledgeable about teaching shooting to your players?” Remarkably, only 4% of high school coaches and 14% of college coaches said, “Yes.”


This literally makes no sense. So coaches agree that shooting is important and that if their teams could shoot better, they would have more wins, BUT and that’s a big but, coaches don’t teach it and really don’t feel comfortable teaching shooting.


At Pro Shot we are simply amazed at these numbers. They don’t make sense. Could you imagine a classroom teacher using this logic? Would a business owner have this mindset? Absolutely not.


If you believe something is important, then teach it and believe in it. Pro Shot decided three years ago that we wanted to help teams and players that couldn’t shoot by giving away shooting information that took us two decades to assemble.


We never want a coach to ever say, “Shooting is important, BUT I don’t know how to teach shooting.”


What is the cost for the info we want to give you? FREE. No cost.


If you go to Pro Shot’s website (www.proshotsystem.com), you will see 240 instructional videos on not only shooting, but also on offensive skills. There are 23 hours of video instruction. These videos are creative with loads of information. We also have two shooting eBooks (200 pages) on the website as well.


Shooting is important and teaching your players shooting form is crucial as well. Please don’t neglect this. That just doesn’t make any sense if you don’t teach them the art of shooting.