Why Players Fail at Shooting

How can you fix a problem if you don’t understand the problem? You can’t.

As Pro Shot travels the highways and byways of North America, we always ask our campers, “There are four directions a player can miss a shot. Do you know these four directions?”

We are amazed that 50% of all high school players and 70% of all middle school players don’t fully understand the four ways to miss which are: Long, Short, Left and Right.

The worst two ways to miss a shot are to the left and to the right side. Poor and inexperienced players miss to the sides constantly. Quality shooters are always straight shooters.

We have a saying at Pro Shot, “If you want to be a great shooter, then you need to be a straight shooter.” We have never met a quality shooter who missed constantly to the side and we probably never will.

In our camps and clinics, Pro Shot coaches ask the players, “Why do players miss to the side?” Crickets. No response. Dead silence. You would think that we asked the players to explain Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The answers of course are: because the arm is pulling (70% of side misses at the high school and middle school levels), the release is pulling (20%), and the ball is rotating off the wrong fingers (10%). Less than 1% of all side misses are due to the player drifting to the side.

The majority of players are poor to average shooters simply because they have little understanding to why they miss. They simply don’t have the understanding to correct these misses.

This summer all coaches should teach their players to be “straight shooters.” Better yet, force them to be straight shooters. Educate them why they miss to the side and how to correct these misses. Explain to your players that side misses are “evil” and being a straight shooter is the first step to accurate shooting.