Should Shooting be Taught in Summer Camps?

Summer is here which means it is the time for summer basketball camps. Every where you look there are summer basketball camps and that should be a good thing. Right?

Anytime you can get youngsters into a gym to work on basketball skills and learn the game, it should be a positive moment. At Pro Shot we believe the more knowledge and skill experience a player can receive, the better for his or her basketball development.

And yet we are amazed at how many basketball camps actually ignore the skill of shooting. One of Pro Shot’s coaches worked a four day, 28 hour camp last year at a Large D-1 University in the Midwest and shooting a basketball was never mentioned. Not one word.

How is this possible? Is the skill shooting not important? Of course it is. So why the negligence to shooting instruction at so many camps?

It comes down to either coaches believe it is impossible to teach shooting to a camp OR the coaches do not believe they have the necessary knowledge to teach shooting.

It is a shame that accurate shooting is so important and yet, millions upon millions of players struggle with shooting.

Now I realize there are some coaches reading this that are rolling their eyes at about now. “There he goes again.Talking about shooting. Won’t he ever stop?”

But think about what coaches are actually telling players indirectly if no mention of shooting takes place. Young players will listen to coaches. They are sponges and they prioritize what is important by how often the teacher or coach brings up a subject.

So what is the aspect of basketball that most coaches drill in summer camps? Dribbling is easily the number one mentioned and practiced part in summer instructional camps and shooting gets no love. So players grow up believing that dribbling is VERY important and that shooting has no importance in the game.

All we would hope is that every coach reading this out there and that is hosting a camp, make sure you include some shooting instruction this summer. We need to improve these players.

Although camps are 4-5 days in duration, there is a belief by some coaches that this experience isn’t that important for the players and that “mailing it in” is ok. Think of the camps that you attended as a player. Weren’t they important for your development? Of course. For some players, summer basketball camps will be the only source of skill development that they get all year.

In other words, make your camps quality and try to include some shooting instruction here and there. Putting the ball through the hoop does matter.