Seeing is Believing



In regards to the Pro Shot Shooting System, people either hate us or like us. There’s usually no in between.


As we travel the highways and byways of America we have heard coaches say, “Pro Shot really works.” We have also heard coaches utter, “I can’t believe you teach those shooting methods. It’s wrong.”


We currently have thousands of middle school, high school, AAU and collegiate programs using the Pro Shot System on a daily basis. So why did these coaches “buy in” and switch from ten toes to the basket, shoot up and down and keep the ball high to the turn, the dip and the sweep and sway?


Recently we started asking coaches who have “bought in” to the Pro Shot System, what made you see the light? Why did you change your beliefs in shooting?


We noticed there were two common themes.


Many coaches remarked, ” We just couldn’t shoot year after year. What I was teaching wasn’t working. So I thought I would try something new.” Most had preached BEEF over the years. But no matter how they tried, their players didn’t improve.


The other comment we hear often from coaches is, “At first I thought you guys were crazy. Just nuts. And then I started thinking, ‘That’s how I shot.’ And I was a really good shooter. I dipped the ball and I turned.”


We also hear, “I started thinking back to my best shooters over the years and they shot Pro Shot. They actually dipped, turned and swayed.” Sometimes they will get out old video tape and watch their past quality shooters to see exactly how their best shooters actually shot the ball.


Recently we put together a video (see below) of 5 great boy high school shooters from this past season. We noticed that they all used the methods that Pro Shot preaches on a daily basis.


If you have followed Pro Shot, you are fully aware that we talk constantly about the best NBA, WNBA and college shooters. Of course there are many high school coaches out there that believe, “That dip and turn and sway only works for pro players. My players aren’t that athletic.”


Shooting has little to do with athleticism. Some of the greatest shooters ever were not great athletes. It is about mechanics (technique and form) and reps.


As coaches (yes I coached 17 years at the high school level), we can do often do more harm than good in regards to coaching shooting mechanics. We have seen coaches absolutely destroy their player’s shooting accuracy because of inefficient techniques.


Think to how the best shooters in the world shoot. Think how you shot if you were a shooter. Think how your best players actually shot the ball. You might be surprised at what you see.


Watch an NBA playoff game tonight and just focus in on shooting form. Look for the turn, the dip and the sway. You might be surprised at what you see. Seeing is truly believing.