A Dose of Their Own Medicine

Anyone watching the WVU vs. UK game saw a theory that I have when it comes to game planning. A team’ s biggest weakness is often identified by their style of play.

Anyone who has seen WVU play this knew that they were going to bring high pressure against Kentucky. What the theory I’m referring to means is that if a team likes to press, they in return do not like to be pressed. If a team plays 2-3 zone. They do not like to be zoned themselves. I call it the “Dose of Their Own Medicine Rule”. It’s something that I really believe in and see it hold true a very high percentage of the time.

I wonder if Kentucky’s Coach John Calipari believes this too… Kentucky came out and pressured WVU much like they try to do to other teams and it gave WVU problems.

A similar situation would be going 2-3 zone against Syracuse. Syracuse is known well for their patented 2-3 zone defense but when their opposition goes 2-3 zone against them it causes them to have problems.

Offensively a team must “stick to their guns”. Do what you do well and put your players in positions to be successful. Know where your players like to catch the ball. Know where your players like to shoot from. Know what situations your players like to be put in and adapt your offensive style to allow your players to be successful.

When it comes to defense however, you can afford to be more creative. You can look at what the opposition is doing or what their defensive strength is and often that will point you to their offensive weakness.