Do You Allow Your Players to Dip?

If you follow the Pro Shot System you probably know that we are fans of the “dip.” This is when you dip the ball between the waist to the thigh when catching off of a pass. Players need to dip the ball for rhythm and power.

Watch the NCAA tournament and look for the highlights. You will basically see dunks and three pointers and the three point shots will be dipped shots. I counted 47 out of 47 shots that were dipped in Friday’s games.

There are a very high percentage of middle school, high school and college coaches who hate the dip. They despise the dip and don’t allow their players to dip the ball. These coaches are doing great damage to their players.

If you watch a player who doesn’t dip the ball you will think, “Something on that player just doesn’t look right.” Often times you can’t identify the problem, but you know that their shooting mechanics are flawed.

Watch a 4th grade girl shoot. No dip. No rhythm. Little strength. When you as a coach don’t allow your players to dip the ball, the shot often time turns into a push shot. Do you really want your players to shoot this way?

The dip is used by the best men and women shooters and scorers currently and of all-time. Yes, Bird, Jordan, Kobe, Taurasi, Curry, Korver, Redick, Durant, Peja, Maravich, Kerr, Mullin, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Dirk, Mark Price, Maya Moore, Elena Delle Donne and Glen Rice all dipped the ball.

We truly believe the dip is not slower (if you do the dip slow then it will be slow) and helps a player to become a more efficient shooter.

Watch the NCAA highlights and look for the dip. You will see it. Watch NBA/WNBA highlights and you will see it the dip. Please watch the below videos and you will see the dip. Seeing is truly believing.

If the dip is good enough for the best shooters in the world, then shouldn’t it be good enough for your players and your team? Do you want your players to shoot like a 4th grader or the best shooters of all-time?