Coaching Yearly Checklist

We want to share a list of things we believe are important for coaches to do on a yearly basis.

Here are some things that we believe coaches will find useful.

1. Read A Book
2. Attend a Coaching Clinic
3. Focus on skill development during the offseason
4. Find a weakness and change your approach to that weakness
5. Identify each player’s strengths and weaknesses and review them with that player
6. Set or Review your long term (5 year) goals and your short term (1 year) goals.
7. Keep a coaching Journal
8. Find a team weakness and make it a team wide positive
9. Avoid putting limits on players
10. Watch film from previous year

These are somethings that we have found to be helpful at any level or expertise of coaching. Hopefully a few of these will allow you and your program to continue making strides forward.

Most of you have finished your seasons and we want to remind you that the time to start improving your players and preparing them for the next season is now! Don’t put it off! Show your players your passion and determination to strive for improvement whether you finish at the top or bottom!