Guidelines for Better Shooting‏

We get coaches that often remark, “I really like the Pro Shot Shooting System and it really makes sense, but I don’t fully understand how to teach it.” Once a coach understands the Pro Shot System, it is crucial that he/she fully understands how to teach the program. We are excited to give this to each coach and believe this eBook will greatly help each program to raise their shooting percentages.

At Pro shot, we have formed 10 Guidlines that will help your team/program to become better shooters. Follow these ten and you will see higher percentages on the hardwood. It is really true that higher percentages add up to more points and more points add up to more wins.


1) Sell the Program EVERY DAY and make sure all your coaches are onboard

2) Don’t ever yell, “Make Your Shot” to your players. Explain to your players why they miss instead.

3) Give your best shooters the Green Light. Give Red lights as well. Players should earn their “lights.”

4) Stay on your players 24/7/365 regarding proper shooting techniques.

5) Constantly correct your player’s mechanics (even in season). Never be satisfied.

6) Make sure your drills are process based and not shooting drills that are result based.

7) Preach the mantra of: How did you miss (direction)? Then why did you miss? Then FIX IT.

8) Have consequences for players that do not shoot the correct way.

9) No more excuses for why your team is poor at shooting. You are in control of their shooting from now on!!! Take ownership for your program’s shooting success.

10) Realize that drills are used primarily for reps. Drills alone do not improve a player. Coaches need to focus on proper mechanics and correcting flawed mechanics in those