Shooting Stats and Your Team‏

For many high school and middle school coaches reading this, your season has probably come to an end. For the majority of college programs, the season may be ending during the next two weeks (if it’s not over already).

At Pro Shot, we always believe a week or two after your last game is the best time to collect your thoughts about the past season. It is important to go over your team’s statistics and see what was your biggest weaknesses for this past season and what areas your team needs to improve in.

You may discover a few numbers that are eye sores in the statistics column– mainly points per game and shooting percentages. When we speak with coaches and ask, “What is the biggest problem with your team?” most will respond, “We just can’t score.” If you struggle to score, it’s probably because your shooting percentages are low. They really go hand in hand.

This week I was speaking with a Division I University Mens Assistant Coach who told me that his team “shot 28% from the three point line this season.” I asked him, “What would happen if your team shot 38% from three?” He responded, “We would have won eight more games.” That’s a huge number!!!

This year we really started to notice how so many teams can’t score. In the sports sections we would see high school scores in the 30’s and 40’s and college scores in the 50’s. It is obvious that there are thousands upon thousands of high school and college teams that struggle with scoring.

The problem that we see with many coaches is that they focus too much on their strengths and fail to look at their team’s weaknesses. Their team will score in the 30’s and 40’s and lose and coaches will say, “We can’t score. We have to become a better defensive team.”

Many coaches ignore their true problem, which is their inability to shoot. They will make excuses for their teams being such “bricklayers.” They will blame their players because they “don’t practice on their own.” But few coaches ever say, “We need to become a better shooting team. We need to change what we are doing.”

Those that do believe that a change is needed often times focus on more reps. “We need to shoot the ball more in practice.” There’s a belief among many coaches that the more reps will make you a better shooter. We believe becoming a quality shooting team is part reps, but it really starts with technique. Technique is the foundation to shooting.

Drills will only help a team with shooting if there is constant feedback and proper technique. In other words, coaches need to be teaching shooting and telling the players what they are doing right and wrong in every shooting drill.

In December we contacted a Mid-West scouting service to send out a questionnaire to over 1,100 high school and collegiate basketball coaches. When the results came back we were amazed to learn that only 8% of high school coaches and 6% college coaches teach shooting during the season. How can you improve your players in shooting if you aren’t teaching them shooting? You can’t.

This week we will have our new eBook, “Coaching Guidelines to the Pro Shot System” available to all coaches. We really hope you get a chance this offseason to discover our shooting program through our articles, videos and eBooks. Everything on our website is complimentary. We believe we can help your program next season shoot higher percentages, which will help your team win more games.

Lastly, please let us know if you would like to get more information on Pro Shot’s training clinics for your program (usually 3-4 hours in duration). We would like to get your coaching staff and players onboard to a shooting system that does work. There’s a reason why thousands of AAU, middle school, high school and collegiate programs are successfully using the Pro Shot System. We hope you look into our System. Results can and will happen.