Score More Points, Win More Games

Is it working? Are your players shooting well this season? I’m not talking about a lone individual. I’m talking about your entire basketball program.

At the end of the year every coach should sit down and ask himself or herself, “What held us back from winning more games?” In other words, “Why didn’t we achieve more wins?”

The great ones ask this question at the conclusion to every year. John Wooden would find out what was his team’s biggest weakness was and then would do research to find out what program’s were outstanding in this skill. He would then call that coach and find out what that program was doing so different.

The one biggest problem that most coaches face is their team’s inability to put the ball in the basket. I have gone to four high school basketball games in the past week. Every score was in the 30’s or 40’s. This is hard to watch and is probably hard to digest if you are a coach.

Team’s can’t put the ball in the basket because they can’t shoot. Wether it is free throws, the three pointer, the midrange–teams struggle to find the hole. I went to a high school boys game on Saturday in Columbus, Ohio and one team warming up missed 19 straight jump shots. Yes, in warm-ups!!!

Pat Rady and Terry Knothe are both high school boys coaches in the Midwest. They are both open-minded and wanted to better their teams. They have been around basketball for a long time. Pat Rady has been a head varsity coach for 51 years in Indiana. He was awarded National High School coach of the Year this year. Terry Knothe has 400 plus wins in Minnesota.

They were both tired of seeing their teams inability to struggle with shooting. As Terry told me in December, “We were always a defensive team. Scores were in the 40’s. Every possession was important.” At St Charles High School, it was grind it out basketball. Defense had to come to play and pick up for the offense’s inefficiencies.

When I met with Terry in December, they had been using the Pro Shot System since the summer. He pulled out his IPad and showed me video from the night before tournament championship game which they won. “Check this out, ” he said with a grin. I watched as three of his players were “stroking it” not from 20, but from 25. “We now pride ourselves on our offense and shooting as well.”

Pat Rady has been a head varsity coach since 1963. He has seen basketball change over the years. Coach Rady is the second winningest coach in Indiana history. Below is a video where he talks about the Pro Shot System. After 50 years as a head varsity coach, he knew his program needed to become better shooters and scorers. They are currently teaching Pro Shot to their entire feeder programs as well.

My favorite expression is FIX IT. If it’s broke, fix it. If it’s not working, fix it. If you can’t put the ball in the hole, fix it. It’s a problem that you will always have until you fix it.

Coach Knoethe and Coach Rady understood that you can “Teach an old dog new tricks.” You can improve in shooting through mechanics. They had tried the rep way over the years. In other words, just shoot and we will be fine. Now they are about mechanics and reps and they are seeing results.