75% of Coaches are Wrong

Recently a recruiting service conducted a second shooting survey for Pro Shot with high school and college coaches. We will talk more about this survey later next week.

What we want to discuss today is one question that we asked high school coaches (we polled over 700) in that survey. The high percentage answer literally is disturbing and makes us shake our heads.

The question was: “In your experience, can players be taught how to shoot?” The answer from high school coaches was 75% said “No.”

This answer shocks us at Pro Shot. We see players improve daily. We get hundreds of emails each month from players around the world saying, “Thanks to your eBook and videos, you have improved my shooting.” We have seen terrible shooters become great shooters in less than a year.

How can such a high percentage of coaches believe that players can’t improve in the art of shooting? For the past two days I have thought about this. I literally tried to come up with every answer that I can think of.

College coaches actually think the complete opposite of their high school counterparts. When asked the same question, college coaches responded with a 88% for “Yes”. College coaches do believe you can get better through instruction.

So why do so many high school coaches believe you don’t teach shooting? In other words, you just do it. Kind of like breathing. Because that’s what they were told by their coaches.

Let’s face it, as coaches, we pass down information from generation to generation. Some of it is good. Some of it doesn’t make sense when you truly think about it. One “nugget” that we have been told by past coaches is shooting is all about reps and that technique doesn’t matter.

At Pro Shot, we love reps and believe in reps. But we truly believe if you want to become a great shooting player or team, you have to focus on technique. Lets face it, high school players generally can’t shoot. We have said before and we will say it again, 2% of high school players in a program are outstanding shooters and 8-10% are good shooters. That leaves 90% of all players as average or poor shooters.

In the next few weeks, Pro Shot will come out with a eBook called, Teaching the Pro Shot System.” This will be an in depth look at the System and how to get your players to use it in practice and games. Of course, we have our 150 page eBook “Pro Shooting Secrets” available below (it’s free) that explains the system. I always say that it took me a year of my life to write and takes a minute to download.

Our hope is one day high school coaches will view shooting as something everyone can and should do well. The idea that the only way to improve in shooting is to go out and shoot more without instruction makes little if any sense.