Do Your Players Shoot With Tension?

Today we would like to focus on one of the most important shooting components and yet, very few trainers and coaches ever talk about this in regards to accurate shooting. We are talking about the shoulder and neck region.


From the first moment players pick up a basketball, they are told by their coaches to land in the same spot as they start. In other words, to shoot STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN. Unfortunately, “Shooting Straight up and Down” does much more damage to a player than it helps.


Think about it. As human beings we DON’T walk straight up and down. Our shoulders sway when we walk. We DON’T stand straight up and down unless we are standing at attention in the Army. So why would we ever teach to shoot up and down? Simple–that’s what our coaches taught.


Think of it this way–When you shoot up and down your shoulders tense and dig into your neck creating tremendous tension.


Is tension that bad in regards to accurate shooting? Tension can absolutely destroy a shooter. We would estimate 80% of high school shooters have problems with tension in their neck and shoulders.


Tension occurs anytime we flex a muscle in any part of our body. The area of the body that easily has the most tension are the shoulders and neck. We believe if you have great tension in the neck and shoulders then your shooting accuracy and strength will suffer.


The greater the tension in the shoulders, generally the less power you will receive in your shot. This is why some 6th graders can shoot a longer distance than many high school players.


Please take time and watch the below video on tension. Underneath it will be a video on the sweep and sway as well. These are important videos that players, parents, trainers and coaches should watch.  At Pro Shot, we believe a key to accurate shooting is eliminating tension in the neck and shoulder region