Does Practice Make Perfect?

Where did the notion that practice makes perfect ever come from? We hear it all the time and we just don’t believe it makes any sense. The adage should read: “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.”


Think about it. If you do something incorrectly then does it really matter how much you do it? You may see some improvement, but that player will not see great improvement.


Would a baseball manager tell his pitchers, “Just pitch the ball. Don’t matter what it looks like.” Of course not. Would a swimming coach tell his or her athletes, “Just swim. Don’t matter how you do it.” Of course not.


We can’t think of a sport where a coach would tell his or her athletes, “Just practice and mechanics really don’t matter” outside of basketball and shooting. Recently I had a mother of a 15 year old girl come to me wanting private shooting lessons. I told her that the only way I would work with her daughter is if she got approval from her high school coach.


She wrote back and said, “The coach believes in getting a lot of shots up, but doesn’t believe in mechanics.” In other words, he believes greatness is all about reps. The more reps, the greater you become.


Lets take a step back here and think about how insane this notion is. In anything you need to have training whether it is a teacher, a doctor or a pilot. You need knowledge and you need training. Without these you will fail in your occupation. Why is shooting a basketball different?


After talking with coaches over the past decade, I would estimate that 50% of all high school and middle school coaches believe you become a better shooter with reps only. They actually believe mechanics come as part of reps.


Reps greatly help, but you HAVE to always teach mechanics. They are the skeleton of the jump shot and free throw. They are the foundation of accurate shooting.


As you get close to the season, please think about teaching shooting mechanics this year. I would like to offer my eBook “Pro Shooting Secrets” (link below) for free. It is 150 pages that explains the Pro Shot Shooting System in detail. It took me a year of my life to write and will take you a minute to download.


At Pro Shot, there is nothing to buy on our website. We are not here to sell anything. No subscriptions. No DVDs. Our revenue is derived solely from our shooting camps and clinics. We give away our eBook and our 130+ videos because we are really trying to change the way coaches, players, trainers and parents view shooting. We really want to help.