One question we get asked constantly is: “Should I change my player’s shooting mechanics during the season?”


I always respond, “That depends on if he or she is shooting the ball well.”


Of course the coach then usually says, “No. Not at all. Terrible shooter.”


If the player can’t shoot you change that player’s shot. If the player struggles with shooting, you change your player’s shot. If you coach Diana Taurasi or Ray Allen, you leave them alone. It’s that simple.


I have actually had coaches say, “I’m afraid I will make it worse.” This makes no sense. Baseball coaches will always work on pitching or batting mechanics to players that are struggling. Wrestling coaches work on technique. So do track, swimming, golf and tennis coaches. For some odd reason, many basketball coaches believe, “If it’s broke, leave it alone.”


Have faith in yourself as a coach and fix the shot. It’s amazing that we have heard College D-1 Coaches actually utter, “You can’t fix a player’s shot in the season.” Why not? Are going to continue to let your player’s shooting woes continue instead of trying to improve their skills?


At some point you have to ask yourself–what is the true definition of a coach? Is it a person who will allow their player’s to fail without giving any type of instruction?


Coaches, diagnose the problem and then FIX IT. Stop believing things are going to get better by putting up reps. Reps only don’t fix a shooting problem. Players miss because of poor mechanics.  If your players are missing free throws and jump shots–THEN FIX IT!