We live in an age where many youngster believe they are entitled. We had X and Y Generation and now we are in the “Entitled” Generation.


Every parent wants to believe their Bobby or Susie is something special. That one day their child will grow up to cure cancer, become the President or make us forget about Michael Jordan.


In the process, the child often embraces this. There is nothing wring with dreaming the American dream. Unfortunately, in the process many young athletes believe they are entitled and privileged.


I have had actually heard players say, “I’m on the team so I should play.” In other words, “because I am a living and breathing creature and I have a uniform, I have the right to play.”


Playing time should come down to what have you done in practice lately and past successes (or failures) in game competition.


We believe in the notion: “What have you done for us (the team) lately?” NOT, what did you do for our team four years ago or even a month ago. But what have you done for us THIS week.


In this entitlement, many players believe they should always possess the green light for shooting. In other words, they should be able to shoot in a game at all times.


Any coach that gives his or her entire team the green light is begging for disaster. As a coach you need 3-4 shooters to have a prolific shooting team. Chances are very likely you will not have 12 shooters.


Every player is NOT entitled to have the green light in a game. They earn this title by spending hundreds and thousands of hours honing their shooting skills.


Think of it this way. Imagine you’re a CEO of a big company and everyone in your company–from your top salesman to your janitor–you promote to vice president. How successful would this be? You would be out a business in a few days.


If you find a player that “buys” into your shooting system and beliefs, practices their shooting often and make shots, promote them to green light.


If you have players that shoot their way, don’t practice shooting much and are “brick layers”, then give them the red light.  No one is entitled because he/she is on the team.