If you want to be a good shooting team, you need to shoot every day in practice. I know this sounds so obvious, but there are a high percentage of coaches that don’t understand this.


I have actually heard coaches utter, “I don’t understand why my players can’t shoot?” Could the answer actually be that you don’t believe shooting is important an don’t practice shooting. If you don’t practice shooting consistently, then don’t whine when your players throw up brick after brick in games.


John Wooden’s teams always shot about 30 minutes each day in practice. I guarantee that you will discover if you focus on more shooting and less time you work on your plays, your team will actually score more points.


With that being said, please understand that the team that puts up the most shots in practice is generally not always the best shooting team. Reps help a shooter and a team, but its what you do in the reps that actually counts the most.


Over the years I have watched countless middle school, high school and collegiate practices and have noticed that many coaches use shooting time as their “catch up” time. In other words, I see coaches go get a drink, talk to their coaches about the next drill or make a phone call. Very few coaches actually focus on the shooting at hand AND there lies the true problem.


When players are shooting (whether it is free throws or jump shooting), they need constant feedback from coaches. Yes, shooting is the time where coaches need to coach the most. Later in this email series we will explain how to correct misses and turn them into makes. For now, realize the coach often must be the eyes and sometimes brain of the shooter especially in the first few weeks of implementing the System.


If you don’t have the discipline and detail to study your players shooting and correct them on a daily basis then chances are you will always have teams that struggle with shooting.


If you get the opportunity,please watch the below video on the Importance of Shooting. It is a three part series that we will focus on the question “Is shooting really important?” Today we focus on the three point shot.  We have said in the past the accurate shooting is really the great equalizer. Unless you have three seven footers on your front line, how could you not believe that shooting is not important?