Trying and Shooting

Trying is a word that we have been brought up with. Parents are often heard to say, “Just try it. You might like it.” Coaches have been known to say, “Always Keep trying.”

For shooting and basketball skills, the word trying can actually be a negative word.

At Pro Shot, we get emails from players constantly that say, “Coach, I’m trying to put my release above the rim the rim. But I cant.” “I’m trying to sweep and sway, but it isn’t working.” “I’m trying to dip, but I’m not dipping.”

This is simply madness.

Yoda basically said it best in the movie Empire Strikes Back–“Do or do not. There is no try.”

In other words, you do something, or you don’t do something, but you don’t try to do something.

Little kids love the word trying. “I’m trying to brush my teeth.” “I’m trying to be neat.” “I’m trying to hit the ball ball.”

Responsible people don’t use the word try. Could you imagine Kobe Bryant saying, “I’m trying to make my shot.”

Could you imagine a pilot saying, “I’m trying to fly the plane.” Could you imagine a salesman telling his boss,”I’m trying to make sale.”

They would get laughed at.

If you want to teach your players to become great shooters, tell them to stop trying. “Just do it.” If you want to become a great shooter, stop trying. Think– “Just do it.”

As Homer Simpson would say, “Trying is the first step towards failure.” For shooting this is actually an accurate comment.