Basketball Shooting Guide: Goals, Patience & Understanding Misses

When we attend basketball camps and talk to young players we are generally amazed at the small amount of knowledge players have in regards to shooting. What they know is the “text book” responses of hold your follow-through and always blame the legs when you miss.


We all know younger players and poor shooters miss to the sides, but why? In the beginning of all Pro Shot camps we ask, “Why would a shooter miss to the sides?”


We are truly amazed at how few players are stumped at the question. We get all responses from “not squared enough” to “not bending your legs.” How can a player correct their misses if they don’t understand why or where they are missing? They can’t.


Players miss predominately to the side because their hand or arm pulls to the side. It’s really that simple. But few actually understand this. The video below talks in detail about conquering the beast called shooting. At Pro Shot we get bombarded by emails that say the same thing: “I cant shoot. I miss all over the place. Help me!!!


Becoming a consistent shooter is all about solving the problem. You basically have to understand the direction that you are missing. If you can’t understand how you are missing then you will keep missing.


A high percentage of high school and middle school players have no clue how they are missing. Could you imagine taking the same exam over and over again and you keep getting the same questions wrong. This is what is occurring with many of our players in regards to shooting.


There is nothing more frustrating than watching a player miss shot after shot in the same direction. We believe it is imperative to explain to players the importance of understanding how and why they are missing.


We truly find it amazing that the majority of high school and middle school players do not understand that there are four different ways a player can miss (left, right, short and long). When we ask at the beginning of camp what directions can a player miss, we usually get blank stares. We would estimate that 70% of all players don’t know this. How is this possible?


Coaches need to explain the ways to miss and why a player misses. Players without knowledge will suffer. There is an old belief that you don’t teach shooting. You just shoot the ball. We disagree 100% with this belief.