There is an old saying of: “Youre never old to learn.” This weekend that adage was 100% correct.

On Friday Pro Shot conducted a camp in Indiana with Pat Rady who retired this past season after head varsity coaching for 50 years. His 739 wins ranks him second in Indiana basketball history. Coach Rady has handed the varsity coaching reigns to his son at Cloverdale, but he has admitted that you are never too old to learn. Coach Rady is a big believer in the Pro Shot Shooting System.

On Saturday Pro Shot was in Poplar Bluffs, MO conducting a camp at Three Rivers Community College. The head coach Gene Bess is a legend who has been tinkering with Pro Shot the past few months. How good of a coach is Gene Bess? He is the all-time winningest coach in College basketball history with 1,169 wins (he also had 250 high school varsity wins). He has won two National Championships and has a .793 winning percentage.

Coach Bess told me on Saturday that he embraces change and will be using the Pro Shot System this year.

It’s true. You are never too old to learn. If you are open minded then good things will happen to you. If you are close minded, you are doomed to fail. I have had many coaches say to me, “It must be hard to get the older coaches to believe in your System.” I believe its actually the other way around. Everyday we get new “believers” that are have been coaching for decades. Often times it is the young coach that is the most resistant to change

Last year I came to New Jersey to talk with Hall of Fame Coach, Bob Hurley. I was watching his team at St Anthony’s warm up and Coach Hurley comes up to me and says, “Take over. Teach them to shoot.” For the next two hours Coach Hurley (he has 1,100 high school wins) wrote down notes as I guided his players through the System. He enjoyed it so much that I returned a week later for another session.

So why do legends like Pat Rady, Gene Bess and Bob Hurley “get it” and other less successful coaches are reluctant to change. It really is all about Pride. The number one reason why coaches are reluctant to change is pride. It is a word that can simply destroy a coaching career. I ask coaches all the time “How well do your players shoot?”

They often respond, “We do not shoot the ball well.”

I then respond, “I have this system that really works. I can send you my ebook and I have 80 plus free videos on the System.”

I would estimate 90% of all coaches say, “That’s ok. Im going to keep teaching what I was taught.” That is 100% pride. You dont have to use the entire Pro Shot System. There are six components as a whole, but if you use two or three of these components, you will see improvement in your players. That what coaching is all about–seeing improvement in your players.

I would hope you would get a chance to go to my website this summer and check out the ebook “Pro Shooting Secrets, the videos and articles. I hope all coaches reading this are open to change and have eliminated pride from their coaching character. I think out of the box and embrace change if it can better my students. I hope you do the same.