The NBA Dunk–Truth and Facts

We would like to share a video with you on the slam dunk which includes a ton of research that Pro Shot did. Our hope is if you are a boys/mens coach that you show this to your players.

Recently we conducted a camp and had a high school boys player actually say, “The dunk is way more important than the three point shot.”

I was shocked by this statement. What amazed me further was his friends actually backed him up on that. Finally I asked, “Why % of shots in the NBA come off the dunk?”

The teenage boy paused and said, “50%.” At that point you could have knocked me over with a feather. His teammates agreed that was the right number as well.

How could this happen? How can these players be so wrong in their calculations?

The number is actually 4.5%. Very low. I found this on a site called which has been adding up NBA dunks since 2000.

As I drove to another camp that night, I started phoning coaches I knew and asked them the same question. They also responded with a higher number than I expected.

In the next camp I asked, “Would you rather score 30 points with multiple three pointers or score 10 points with a spectacular slam dunk?” The majority went with the dunk.

Ignorance and naivety simply can destroy a player. As we continued our research on the dunk we were amazed at what we found.

Here are a few of our findings:
Steve Nash never had a NBA dunk in a game.
Tony Parker hasn’t dunked in 5 years.
Kyrie Irving has had 9 dunks in three years.
Kobe Bryant & Russell Westbrook dunk under league average.
The bottom 5 teams in dunks made the playoffs.

The stats throughout are amazing. So the question goes back to why do so many players and coaches believe the number is greater?

We have been brainwashed by ESPN Sports Center, NBA marketing and shoes companies. We see thousands of images and clips on dunking and we start believing that the dunk is what NBA basketball (and possibly college basketball) is all about.

Please take time to view this clip. We believe it is important as it shows the importance of shooting compared to dunking.


We focus on how important the slam dunk really is in the NBA. We ask whats more important–Dunking or Shooting?