My goal at Pro Shot is to change the world in regards to shooting. I truly believe our System can and is changing the world. How? Two words–YOU TUBE. You Tube is an unbelievable way to get information out to the world.

I started creating You Tube videos over a year ago. Until then I was labeled the crazy coach with weird ideas about shooting. I may be crazy (aren’t we all in a way), but the videos clearly show that what Pro Shot teaches are the same concepts that Oscar Robertson, Pete Maravich, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Chris Mullin used. They are also the same mechanics that Ray Allen, Maya Moore, Diana Taurasi, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Kobe Bryant use.

In the past 14 months, I have created 70 video YouTube clips that can be found on my website ( and on my You Tube page as well. Some are lighthearted and fun (Why Can’t Dwight Howard Shoot Free throws?) and others take you onto the court for detailed shooting instruction. I also believe it is VERY important to show the best NBA, WNBA, College and high school players using proper shooting mechanics in these videos. I see many instructional videos that use only 12 year old Johnny as the demonstrator. How am I going to get high school and college players interested when they have to watch Johnny? You can’t.

Most instructional videos put me to sleep. Boring content usually with a boring coach. I decided my videos would be different. We wanted to make shooting and scoring fun and exciting. I use music from the past and present with movie and TV clips to illustrate my point. When I create these videos I am really creating them for the inexperienced youth player to Phil Jackson. In other words, a very wide range.

So is it working? I believe it is. We get emails from players across the world (today from Columbia, Bosnia and Switzerland) stating: “You have improved me as a player.” I have never met these players (and probably never will) but they classify me as their “shooting coach.” These videos are helping coaches and players here in the States as well.

Last week I was in Dallas for the Final 4 when I received an email from a father of a freshman boy in high school who wanted a shooting session for his son. I wrote back and asked him where do you live and he said, “outside of Dallas.” So on Sunday morning I traveled to a gym to work with him. In the letter the father said, “He watches your videos daily.”

Upon entering the gym and meeting him, I told him to shoot. He had almost picture perfect Pro Shot System form. His dad responded, “He really is into your System. Kids at school nicknamed him Money because he doesn’t miss.” It was then I realized the power of You Tube and how this website can change the world.

I have decided to take my DVD off my website. I want to change the world and selling a few DVDs a week isn’t going to do this. The true way I can help the masses is through free videos on my website and my 150 page eBook “Pro Shooting Secrets” that you can download. The videos will continue to be made as well. My goal every week is to create two videos that will make all players into better and quicker shooters.

Coaches in general are very cautious people. I know there are people thinking out there: “There must be a scam here. Why is he doing this?” There is nothing on my website that you can buy. We do not sell any weird contraptions and gadgets. We do not offer paid subscriptions to newsletters. I am available 24/7 for advice on shooting for coaches and players.

The only thing we offer on the website is past articles, videos and my eBook. Because our shooting camps and clinics do so well (we hosted 600 last year in 45 States), we give away our information. I realize most trainers are “secretive” about not giving away their prized thoughts, beliefs and drills online. I know of a trainer in the Midwest who will not let anyone take notes in his sessions or film. What a load of $#@&^! That is totally wrong!

If I want to change a culture, why would keep your ideas hidden? Why not tell the world. It just makes sense.

Lastly, I wanted to share a story with you from Sunday night. One of my good friends is Craig Impleman who is a former college coach at UCLA and Weber State. He currently is founder of the John Wooden Course and is married to Coach Wooden’s granddaughter. Craig has a brilliant mind for basketball who actually taught me the “dip” in shooting (which I am very grateful).

Craig said in our conversation, “Coach you know what you are doing. You are the ONLY coach that has taken video and has shown the best players now and of all time using these shooting techniques. You have researched shooting. You have gone back into time and discovered who was the first player to use a certain technique. How can anyone disagree with what you have done? You have the proof on video. No one else has ever done this!”

Those are cool words! I hope everyone reading this gets a chance to go to the website and watch the videos and download my eBook. We have a just completed four videos on shooting and strength drills that I believe can help all players and coaches.

We are on this planet for a short time and I have always had the belief that life is about helping others. When you are long gone it is really about how you helped those around you. I really hope this System helps many.