This is a repost of an article from 18 months ago. I think it is a very important point to bring up again. I do believe “buying in” is what life is all about.

Dear Coaches, Players and Parents,

Today’s tips revolve around the notion of 100% “buying in” if you want this shooting program (or any shooting program) to properly work.

It really starts with the head coach. If the head coach doesn’t believe that the system will work, then it probably won’t work.

Recently I lost 50 pounds (I still have 30 to go) in two and a half months.How was I able to do it? I truly believe a change was needed in my life.I was up to nine Cokes a day. I was out of shape and always tired. I realized that if I continued on the road I was on, something bad was going to happen to me before I reached 50.

I also believed 100% in the diet (24 Day Challenge by Advocare). I had met people that had lost 100 pounds and thought to myself, “If they can do it, then I can do it.”

You see, shooting is really like a diet. You know you have a problem with your program’s shooting and it just isn’t going to go away by thinking about it (very similar to excess fat on an overweight person).

One you decide to “buy in”, you must believe in it and go forward and be disciplined. Miami Heat President, Pat Riley once said, “You’re either in or out. There’s no life in between.”

It’s true. It’s just like dieting. I was disciplined, Cut out sugar and fast food. Started eating healthy and suddenly I started feeling better.

If you are disciplined and believe, it’s really amazing how much you can achieve.

A coaching staff is truly like four tires on a car. Each staff member accounts for one tire. If the tires are inflated and in alignment, then that car can take you to the destination where you want to go to. If one tire is defective and suddenly the car ends up stranded on the side of the road.

When an assistant or lower level coach is not on the same page with the other coaches, usually anarchy and dissent can be clearly seen.

There have been instances where an assistant coach has told players in the program not to do the system because he/she didn’t think it worked.

The interesting part about this is in each situation the “rogue” coach never read the ebook or any information on the System.They didn’t want to implement the System simply because the hated change.

All players usually resist change at first (especially teenagers).This past weekend I was in Phoenix, Arizona hosting a Pro Shot Clinic.I had been at this gym before working with many of the same players. I noticed a player with a messed up follow-through.

His release looked similar to a 95 year old arthritic trying to squeeze a grapefruit. I asked him, “So why don’t you use the release I taught you last time?” He responded, “I tried it for 5 minutes. It didn’t work for me.”

“Maybe you should try it again,” I added. “You just missed 14 straight shots. You really have nothing to lose.”

Unless this player changes his attitude, chances are very high he will always struggle with his shot.

I used to believe everyone could learn to shoot, but looking back now I realize I was living in a Pollyanna fantasy world.I do believe, however, each team can be a great shooting team.

Not everyone will be a great shooter simply because that player lacks time, discipline or the right attitude. Your goal should be to have 3-6 players each year that are solid shooters.On average, most teams have zero or one shooter.

Look for players with positive attitudes that understand the notion that “At first there will be more misses than swishes.”

I hope all coaches and players buy into the system. It really does work! If you are still apprehensive regarding the PS System, I can get you multiple testimonials from players and coaches that this does work (or phone numbers). Always feel free to contact me as well.