NCAA SHOOTING STATS (Very Interesting!)

March Mayhem starts back tonight (it’s way beyond Madness) and I know most coaches, parents and players reading this will probably try to watch a few games in the upcoming four days.

Recently my assistant director and I were looking at the past games and shooting percentages and noticed a few trends in shooting and scoring. In the first two rounds (including the play-in games), the team that shot 5% or more from the field than their opponents won quite frequently. Well, lets say they won a lot!!! The teams that shot 5% or higher than their opponents had a record of 22-2.

The two games that had the winning team shoot 5% less than their opponents had mind-boggling performances in rebounding to win.

So what does this exactly mean? You have to put the ball in the basket. I do realize having a high field goal % is predicated on some transition points (which can be credited for defensive rebounds and steals), some offensive rebound put backs and a lot of accurate shooting.

Now let’s look at the teams that shot poorly. If you want to win at the college level and win in the big games, you can’t have a meltdown in a category ESPECIALLY in shooting. North Carolina State had a meltdown making only 20-37 free throws with a majority of the misses coming late in the game.

If NC State was a meltdown, then St Louis against Louisville was Chernobyl. The Billikens were 0-15 from the three point line and of course lost. Syracuse didn’t fare much better going 0-10 and went down in defeat as well.

Sports fans look at these meltdowns and say, “Shooting is terrible in the NCAA.” No, its not. The NCAA Men’s D-1 actually set a record this year for the highest free throw % ever (I bet you didn’t know that).

Despite Creighton going down, there are many excellent shooting teams still in the tournament headlined by Michigan who takes pride in their shooting every year.

Recently my assistant coach assembled some important college shooting stats from this past season. We wanted to see the importance of field goal, free throw and three point field goal percentage. What we discovered was truly amazing.

We took the 10 best field goal percentages (which included such NCAA Tournament teams as North Dakota State, Gonzaga, Kansas, Creighton and America) and tallied their winning percentages which came out to 70%. We then took the 10 worst field goal percentages and discovered they only won 31% of the time. That’s a big difference.

We did this throughout with free throws and 3 pointers and soon found out that shooting is CRUCIAL in the mens game. We wondered if the women would be any different. We discovered that shooting and putting the basketball through the rim is even more important for the ladies.

Below are the stats that we uncovered. Please take time to look over them. I do believe shooting is HUGE in college basketball. That being said, I also believe it is huge in high school basketball. They did two separate studies regarding what are the determining factors between winning and losing in high school basketball and both agreed that shooting is #1.

Hopefully as you prepare for the upcoming AAU season or for your team next year, you focus on shooting skills and development. It might just help you win a few games.