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Basketball Strength Drills
Being able to be strong in the “core” and upper body is very important for any basketball player. Today we focus on getting stronger with a series of drills we have assembled.

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Raving about: Shabazz Napier, Free throws & College Basketball
In our April episode of Rants and Raves we focus on shooting in the Final 4, college basketball and free throws.

The Pull-Up Jump Shot: “The Lost Art” (Part I)
In the first part of a three part series, we look at the past of the pull-up, the current status and a key part that helps a player become a quicker pull-up shooter.

BBallBreakdown: Why Paul George And The Pacers Are Struggling
Coach Nick breaks down some details of Paul George’s offensive issues and how that greatly affects the Pacers team as a whole. How does the Sweep and Sway play into it?

Basketball Shooting Drills–Part III: Shooting by Yourself
#3 in a 3 part series on basketball shooting drills. Today we focus on shooting by yourself. Big emphasis on drills that include the dip, shooting off the dribble and one motion.

Basketball Shooting Drills–Part II: Shooting with a Partner
#2 in a 3 part series on basketball shooting drills. Today we focus on shooting with a partner drills. Big emphasis on catch and shoot drills

The Secret To Improving Athletic Ability Through The Feet
BBall Breakdown and Chong Xie talk about becoming more athletic, the feet,the Hop and the Sweep and Sway.

Basketball Shooting Drills–Part I: Mechanics and Muscle Memory
#1 in a 3 part series on basketball shooting drills. We look at two important aspects that often get over looked in shooting drills: Mechanics and Muscle Memory.

A Tale of Two Shooting Systems: BEEF vs FOREST
Today we challenge the shooting system BEEF with Pro Shot’s FOREST and explain why the FOREST is simply better for you as a player and as a coach.

The Eyes and Basketball Shooting (Part II)
We examine the eyes in shooting a basketball and have come to conclusion that staring at the rim hurts a player’s accuracy. Also, discover a technique that many of the best shooters use regarding the eyes.

BBallBreakdown interviews Jeremy Lin
Coach Nick sat down with Jeremy Lin of the Houston Rockets to talk about his shooting form. He gives his thoughts on The Hop and The Dip, plus breaks down his favorite action that gets him a shot.

Basketball Shooting Made Simple
Shooting a basketball can be simple to do, but coaches and players make it too complicated. We discuss the shot pocket, catching the ball and the “L” in shooting

2013-14 NBA Shooter’s Awards
Pro Shot presents NBA Shooting Awards for the 2013-14 Year. We answer questions like worst free throw shooter, most clutch shooter, best team shooting, most improved and much more!!!

Ranting About the Basketball Shooting Dip
We examine the NBA and WNBA players that dip the ball, who does not and why the “DIP” is crucial to having an accurate jump shot. You will be surprised at our findings.

The Shooting Hop: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
The basketball shooting hop is a quick and rhythmic technique that has been around for a long time. Unfortunately there is a high percentage of coaches and trainers that “hate the hop.” This video explains the history of the hop, who uses it now and what the future might look like.

Jimmer Fredette Gives His Keys To Shooting as he talks about the foundation of the Pro Shot shooting system.

Accurate Basketball Shooting & Modeling
Modeling is a crucial component of becoming a quality shooter and scorer and yet it is rarely mentioned my a high percentage of coaches. A very important video that may change your mindset about shooting.

Shooting Breakdown: Ricky Rubio vs Damian Lillard
Check out the shooting comparison between two 23 year old NBA point guards: Ricky Rubio and Rookie of the Year, Damian Lillard!!!

Basketball’s Shooting Mistake That Continues…
The best professional and college shooters and scorers turn their feet when they shoot, but most coaches and trainers are still teaching players to square 10 toes to the rim. Where did “squaring the feet” actually come from and why do coaches still teach this?

Basketball’s 1 Motion Shot vs 2 Motion Shot
Pro Shot answers the most common questions we get regarding the one motion and the two motion jump shot. Which is better and why?

You Asked For It! Most Asked Shooting Questions– Sweep & Sway
Many of the most frequent shooting questions that I receive is about the sweep and sway. Today, we try to answer the 4 most frequently asked questions about the sweep and sway.

Basketball Shooting Guide to Improving
Accurate basketball shooting is all about problem solving. Figure out what direction you are missing and then proceed to FIX the problem. A must for any player or coach that struggles with shooting.

NBA’s 4 Greatest Shooters (1980-2013)
We select our Mt Rushmore for NBA shooters. See which four NBA sharp shooters should be carved in the mountain and who should not be. Coming soon: NBA’S 4 Greatest Shooters (1950-79).

Shooting’s 10 Deadliest Lies: #10: Players Can’t Improve in Shooting
In the final chapter of the Ten Deadly Shooting Lies, we look at the lie that many coaches and players use on a daily basis. All players can always improve in shooting.

Why Dwight Howard Can’t Make Freethrows
Dwight Howard is a brick layer from the free throw line. Discover why Dwight struggles at the charity stripe and what can be done.

A Letter to Blake Griffin About Shooting
Blake Griffin is a great athlete who struggles with his shooting accuracy. Does he have 30 minutes to noticeably improve his shooting?

Basketball Mythbusters: “Shooting is NOT about Mechanics!” 
There is a belief by many players and coaches that good shooters are developed through practice ONLY and that mechanics don’t matter. This is a myth.

BBallBreakdown: NBA Shooting secrets
BBallBreakdown’s Coach Nick dives deep into the fundamentals of outside shooting, with an assist from Pro Shot’s Coach Miguel, and according to Coach Nick, “These are cutting edge techniques that few coaches know or understand, but will lead to a revolution in outside shooting.” See his take on the Pro Shot System.

Carmelo Anthony Shooting Breakdown
Carmelo Anthony is the NBA scoring leader and a perennial NBA All-Star, Lets break down his form and see what his shooting numbers are all about

Maya Moore Shooting Breakdown
Maya Moore is a great player with a great shot. The ONLY player in WNBA history to lead a season in three point fields goals made and three point percentage. See why she is the best shooter in the WNBA.

Moneyball & Shooting: The Truth Why Players Can’t Shoot
Moneyball and the Pro Shot Shooting System are both based on out of the box thinking and numbers. Numbers don’t lie. Discover why so many players are failing at shooting a basketball.

Interview with Coach Mike Jarvis
Florida Atlantic Head Coach Mike Jarvis talks about the Pro Shot Shooting System, the importance of change and shooting at the collegiate level.

Basketball’s Shooting Components:The Eyes
This is the first part focusing on what a player should look at when shooting. Staring at the rim is one of the biggest problems in shooting.

Kobe Bryant Shooting Breakdown!!!
Kobe Bryant is one of the great scorers in NBA History, and is a basketball icon. But is he a good shooter? We break down the Black Mamba’s shot detail by detail

Kevin Durant Shooting Breakdown!!!
Kevin Durant, the NBA’s leading scorer 3 of the past 4 years, is an exceptional shooter that is in a rare class. We break down what makes him so unique.